Converting your business documents from paper to digital is an essential process at many businesses and will help you stay organized through the years. As you hire a company to scan items for your company, you will have many output options. One of the file formats to consider is PDF.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and has been around since the early 1990s. The format has become a standard for document storage. Learn how the PDF file will benefit your business and some of the direct features associated with the use of a PDF file for your digital business storage solutions.

PDF File Security

One of the more ideal options for scanned PDF files is the security features. For every PDF file located in your system, you can add an extra layer of security through built-in encryption. The simplest form of protection includes password protection, but you can expand on the options.

For example, you can create a read-only PDF. With the options, a person cannot print the file, make changes to the file, or make a saved copy of the PDF. The extra layers of protection will help protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access to your business files.

PDF Watermarks

If you use professional scanning services, then you can add another form of security to PDF files with automatic watermarks. Watermarks are translucent logos or text to help verify documents. For example, you can add a watermark of your company logo over documents. You can also add a watermark to designate confidential information.

When you add a watermark to the PDF files, you can instantly tell the difference between an official file and files from other sources. The watermark will prevent fraudulent or fake documents from getting mixed into the system.

PDF Compatibility

One of the main benefits associated with the use of PDFs is the compatibility of the file. A majority of digital devices can easily open and read the file. You can access and transfer files from phones to tablets and work computers. A lot of computers do not need separate PDF software installed because internet browsers can automatically open and read the files.

When you need to send files to other employees, companies, or consumers, the PDF file will prevent problems and is easy for others to access. Many types of e-mail can read the PDF file directly within the e-mail software so the recipient doesn’t need to download the PDF.

PDF Form Updates and Changes

PDF files can act as stand-alone documents, but they also offer form options. When you have documents scanned, blank forms can feature fill-in options so you can easily update the forms at a later date. When you update the forms, you eliminate the need to scan multiple documents and constantly shuffle through your paperwork.

For example, if you have a customer who has a change of address, you do not need to replace the files. The form sections allow you to change the address and edit the PDF so all the information remains up to date. You can stay more organized with your files, right from the starting point when you have everything scanned into the system.

PDF File Types

While PDFs work well for text documents, there is no limit on the type of file you can convert to the PDF file format. For example, if you have brochures, you could scan fully colored images and have complete digital copies of the items. You can business cards and have a PDF directory of the files.

With the PDF format, you do not need to worry about different image formats and file types. Organize everything in easy to find PDF files.

Use our services at Indigital to help scan all of your physical documents and convert them to PDF files. We will help you stay organized and provide all the security you need to protect sensitive data and information.