Modernizing Document Management

For many organizations, thinking of switching to electronic document management is stressful. Paper files are something you can hold in your hand. They are tangible. The system is familiar. Does it really serve your needs, though? In a modern world, paper-based records are one of the least trustworthy systems.

Paper records take up enormous amounts of space. Document sharing across team members or departments is difficult. Files must travel from desk to desk, or the information needs photocopying. This eats into productivity, wastes resources and opens you up to unnecessary confidentiality breaches.

Document Scanning Services in Saint Paul

Paper systems can destroy your competitive edge. Document retrieval is slow and creates service delays. Lost information can’t be retrieved. File integrity and security are difficult to maintain. The knowledge base of your organization is lower. Those familiar systems are affecting your bottom line, productivity and client trust.

That’s where we come in.

Indigital Inc. is Your Trusted Document Scanning Team

As a trusted source of file conversion for organizations of all sizes, we are known for our accuracy, file integrity, confidentiality, quick turnaround and scale of production. No job is too big or too small. Since 1994, we’ve scanned millions of records for these industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial
  • Service organizations
  • Professional business services
  • B2B services

Our History of Evolving with the Industry

Indigital has been entrusted to modernize record management systems since 1994. When we first began, microfilm was the industry standard for reducing storage and preserving documents. As digital technology formats and standards changed, we changed along with them. Early propriety systems locked clients into formats that didn’t always keep up with their needs. The formats we use today adopt as your organization changes and grows.

We Use Today’s Trusted Industry Standards

We recognize compatibility concerns prevent many organizations from changing to digital. Indigital uses standardized systems, industry best practices and formats accepted by national governing bodies. These trusted sources include the National Records Archives, as well as multiple federal and state agencies.

As an industry leader, we are at the forefront of document capture and text recognition. Our exceptional quality allows for options that are flexible, adaptable and scalable.

Why Choose Indigital?

Our trusted, professional staff and quality assurance practices ensure you receive the most accurate document scanning, imaging, and flexible indexing. Your information is treated with the utmost integrity and privacy. Our production levels keep your costs down.

Why choose Indigital?

  • File security
  • Quick turn around of document scanning
  • Find your documents faster and easier
  • Have backups of all your documents
  • We have years of experience working with companies of all sizes

We can capture and scan text, handwriting, signatures, dates and preserve the layout of the original documents. Contact us today to modernize your document management systems.

Document Scanning Services in Saint Paul
Document Scanning Solution in Saint Paul

The Benefits of Going Digital

Long-term, accessible and flexible document management solutions keep you organized, optimized and productive. Using standardized, industry-accepted imaging methods, Indigital is your trusted source for:

  • Fast, accurate scanning at 30 to 90 pages per minute
  • Exceptional indexing for easy filing and retrieval
  • Significant ROI
  • Non-propriety storage formats
  • Long-term file compatibility
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • No misfiling and no need to recreate documents
  • No more duplicate files or photocopying
  • Easy file maintenance and monitoring

You Remain in Control

Once your documents are scanned, the information offers instant retrieval thanks to our key indexing fields. Our system allows for individual and group accounts and can limit access to confidential or sensitive information. You can back up your records and maintain a certified disaster recovery plan. When you trust Indigital with your document scanning, you help protect your clients and your business. Contact us today to modernize your document management systems.

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