Document Management Solutions in Minneapolis

With large volumes of data collected across a wide range of departments, finding the right information when it is needed can be difficult. The amount of paper collected year after year requires storage that you continue to outgrow, and that storage can take up a significant portion of your departmental budgets.

Obtaining document scanning services and developing a document management system removes the need for expensive storage, protects archival documents, improves security and speeds up decision making. Projects and reports can be completed faster, public information is more easily retrieved and sensitive information is better protected.

Indigital provides solutions you can trust:

  • Non-proprietary storage formats
  • Best practices for long-term file compatibility
  • Integration with a variety of platforms
  • Complete file entry, including maintaining document layout
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Intuitive indexing for easy filing and retrieval
  • File restriction and open access parameters
  • Easy file maintenance and monitoring
  • Ongoing scanning, upgrades, expansion and support

Solutions for Government Entities, State and County Offices

Indigital has served various government agencies and offices since 1994. Our document scanning services and document management solutions provide dramatic improvements in information retrieval, file integrity, historical knowledge, planning and productivity. We design scanning and management solutions for:

  • Land records, surveys, commercial plans, permits and other property files
  • Real estate projects
  • Planning documents
  • Minutes, agendas and other legal documents
  • Historical documents
  • Microfiche archives
  • HR records
  • HR files
  • Other department documents

We scan and output files for:

  • Microfilm Files (16mm and 35mm microfilm, microfiche and engineering aperture cards)
  • Standard-size business files and smaller documents
  • Legal-size documents
  • Large Drawings and Plans (11” x 17” and larger engineering and architectural plans)
  • Loose and Bound Books (3-Ring binders, manuals, large and small bound books)

All file formats can be scanned in color or black and white, and converted to PDF, TIFF or JPEG files.

Document Scanning Services in Saint Paul

Indigital for Public Sector Agencies

Since 1994, Indigital’s secure, production-level facilities have completed millions of document scans on time and on budget. We are your single source provider, ensuring professional management, confidentiality and ongoing service. With our extensive industry knowledge, we understand the tools you need for peak efficiency. Contact us today for your project consultation.

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