Document Management Solutions

An integrated document management system provides intuitive structure to your files. With a streamlined process, filing, storing, retrieving and securing your documents is easy. Our high-quality document scanning services ensure flexible and adaptable file formats.

Combined with our document imaging solutions’ key index fields, your digital files are organized and easy to retrieve. The search and query feature retrieves a specific document or group of files based on the indexing fields. Indigital’s document management solutions also enhance file security. By restricting user access, you safeguard sensitive information while ensuring optimum workforce productivity.

Improve the Way You Do Business

Implementing an electronic document management system maintains or enhances your competitive edge, improves productivity and enhances file integrity. It is also good for the environment, eliminating the need for large volumes of paper, folders, photocopies and toner. Other reasons to choose a document management solution include:

Document Management Solutions in Minneapolis

Where Do We Start

A successful document management solution starts with a few simple questions. Are your files active or inactive? Who needs access to the files, and do you need to restrict access  to specific documents? These basic questions impact how your files will be prepared, scanned and indexed to achieve your goals.

Document Imaging Solutions

Indigital uses standardized TIFF, PDF and JPEG formats for uploading into several popular document imaging systems. Our format selection meets industry standards for long-term retrieval, storage and file preservation. Your file formats are non-proprietary and have long-term compatibility with various interfaces.

Importing Data into the Document Management System

We can import your scanned documents and indexing data into a variety of document and content management systems, including SharePoint, OnBase, Laserfiche, and others.

Indexing and Configuration

We group your documents to your specifications and objectives. We will test your document management system for application compatibility, document types, searches and queries. Our process also ensures the system meets your needs for:

  • Document Workflow
  • Task Notifications and Alerts
  • Reporting and Remote Scanning Capabilities
  • Automated Indexing and Filing

Indigital’s Ongoing Support

Once your new document management system is up and running, we are here to assist you with questions, upgrades or expansion. Our ongoing document scanning services can provide a simple route to system management. By choosing Indigital, you can trust you’ll have elite-level service and a flexible system you can rely on:

  • Non-proprietary storage formats
  • Complete file entry, including maintaining document layout
  • Advanced archiving, including large format, bound books, historical documents, microfilm and handwriting
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Intuitive indexing for easy filing and retrieval
  • Easy file maintenance and monitoring

Trust Indigital with Your Documents

If you are ready to harness the power of your files and leverage your information assets, contact Indigital today to discuss our document management solutions.

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