Real estate companies constantly deal with an influx of paperwork. As one house sells, another is purchased, and the real estate agent is constantly shuffling paperwork around. Help stay organized with the use of digital scanning technology.

As a realtor, you will find a lot of benefits associated with digital scanning. The services will help you stay organized, keep track of sensitive data, and retrieve paperwork in a timely manner.

Index Searching

Realtors have a whole collection of properties to deal with. Finding files for specific properties could be cumbersome, especially with the way you may name files or label folders. When you use scanning services for listings, contracts, and other real estate files, index details will be placed on each file.

The index searching allows you to easily access files through the database based on specific search criteria. One of the easiest methods for a specific home would be a search of the home address. The home address search allows you to load every file associated with a specific address.

The index search will also include keywords for specific dates. For example, you could search for homes you sold in 2018, run a search for the year, and have instant access to all the files. Other examples include searches by region, city, or the type of property. Scanning services can add many details to the file without the need to extend the actual file names.

Image Scanning

Images are an important part of the real estate business. You may have a large collection of printed images associated with home listings, house inspections, and other real estate factors like refinancing. With image scanning technology you will transfer printed photos into digital photos for quick access through websites or personal databases.

Along with index searching for the photos, the images will have high-quality scans so all of the colors and details remain in the photo. The photos will help with any type of re-sale on the home. For example, you may have a home come back on the market. With instant access to previous photos, you will see the changes made to the home and how the property evolved.

The photo access also allows you to showcase digital portfolios of homes you’ve sold over the years. The photos become a great selling point and promotional tool ideal for social media and personal websites.

Contract Forms

Some of the most important paperwork you have as a realtor is the contracts needed through various stages of a home buying process. You may have forms for home bids, purchase agreements, leases, and special requests. After your clients have signed documents, a professional scanning service can help provide digital back-ups.

The digital back-ups also allow you to quickly email copies to your clients so they also have digital versions of the documents just in case the originals are lost or damaged in any way. A scanning service will also provide quick access to blank forms. With a database of blank forms, you do not need to wait or make copies at another time.

Instantly find the form you are looking for and print out the form to avoid any major delays. In some cases, you may need access to forms not commonly used. The database and cloud access will give you those forms and remove the need to carry printed forms of every possible document.

Automatic Options

The real estate industry moves fast. You do not want documents and contracts to quickly pile up. Scanning service companies after automatic options. For example, you can opt-in for a weekly pick-up. Each week, the company picks up documents, securely scans them, and gives you access to the digital files.

Once you have a system set in place, you will have an easy to manage routine that will keep the real estate business organized and under control.

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