Whether you work in manufacturing, construction, or another business, chances are that you will have a lot of large-scale prints necessary for projects. The prints could include schematics, blueprints, or original documents for new inventions and products.

As your collection of physical prints builds up through the years, you may seek out a storage unit to host the documents. A storage unit is not your only option. Digital scanning services can convert large-scale prints into digital files. These professional services offer several advantages over a storage unit.

Instant File Access

If you keep your files in a storage unit, you add extra time and trips any time you need to access files. Once inside the unit, you would need an organization system to then find the exact file you need. With large-scale scanning services, you can have instant access to files on multiple devices.

Professional scanning companies will use large-scale scanners to capture files in a single document. File formats for the scans include image files or a PDF, depending on your preference. The instant access is available through a standard file system or through a digital cloud.

With cloud access, you can retrieve the files from any device that connects to the internet. Instead of going to a storage unit to retrieve files, the files are available wherever you are.

File Comparisons

If you want to compare two large files, you have to go to a storage unit, pull the files out, and lay them down on a flat surface. The comparison in files is ideal for showcasing differences, seeing what elements worked, and learning where certain problems may have occurred.

With digital files, you can quickly click and showcase two files at the same time. If you have a dual-monitor setup, then you can easily load both pictures at the same time and compare the two together. The comparisons are easy to showcase, and both images could also load on a projector for comparisons in a group setting.

Easy Searching

Loading files is a lot easier through digital means. When you hire a professional scanning company, the company will add metadata to the files that make them easy to search. You can find the images by the date they were created, the title of the file, or specific details. You will not need to go through physical file labels to search for a specific option.

Storage Unit Costs

When you set up professional scanning services, the costs you pay are a one-time cost. Once you have scanned files, the digital files are yours to keep forever without any additional fees or issues. When you pay for a storage unit, the unit costs could include monthly or annual fees. The longer you have the storage unit, the more you pay.

Not only are the digital files more convenient, but you could cut extra costs for your business.

Security Features

Storage units often have multiple security measures to protect patrons, but if theft does occur, you have no way to get those files back. With digital scanning services, you can store backup files on multiple forms of media, including discs or USB drives. Professional companies can also provide extra layers of protection on files.

Encrypted files can include pass codes and special security features that only you can enter. Scanned pages may include special watermarks so no one can steal your work and claim it as their own. Cloud-based technology can store your files on a digital server and offer extra firewalls and protection to keep files safe.

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