A business will typically use professional scanning services for paperwork, contracts, and other office items that take up a lot of filing cabinet space. Along with the traditional items, consider scanning business items that hold more of a sentimental value. While you may not always have the physical space to hold the items, digital storage allows you to keep them forever.

Browse through this list of options to learn about various things you may want to scan and save. The sentimental value of these items will showcase the history of your company and give you some comfort when you look back on the digital scans.

1. Newspaper & Press

If your business is lucky enough, then it may have received some positive press over the years. Local newspapers and magazines could have featured your business, especially when the business first opened. Newspapers are fragile and fade over time, but a digital scan will help preserve the article for years to come.

A professional scanning company can handle the delicate nature of the newspaper. Proper scan settings will ensure you do not see through the paper, and photos are scanned at the highest quality. Advanced features like meta tags can make it easy to search for the newspaper scans through your own digital archives.

Once you have the digital scans, you could print out extra copies to frame and hang on the walls of your business.

2. Company Photos

While a majority of photos taken in today’s age are digital, you may have a collection of printed photos from your business. Instant photos or film cameras could include photos of company events like a grand opening, holiday parties, or special milestone celebrations. Convert those photos to digital versions with professional scanning services.

One of the main advantages of a professional scanner is the quality of the photo. You can ensure the photo doesn’t lose any quality, and the color transfer process keeps the original colors intact. Scanning services will also provide crops of the photos so the files do not feature the rest of the blank scanning bed.

If the photos have dates on them, then the dates can be added to the photo’s descriptions so your digital photo collection is kept in chronological order.

3. Greeting Cards

As a business owner, you may receive greeting cards throughout the year and especially during the holiday season. The cards could show an appreciation for and connection to clients, customers, and other businesses. Stacks of cards can quickly pile up high, but you can eliminate the physical stacks and convert the cards to full-color digital scans.

The scans will give you a reference point of who to send cards out to in the future. The cards can also act as a point of motivation. Reflect back and see everyone who has supported you through

the years. If you have the envelopes, you could use the return addresses to build a database of contacts to send cards out in the future.

4. Children’s Drawings

Restaurants, doctor’s offices, and educational buildings often keep children entertained with some crayons and paper. In many cases, children will draw a picture that reflects the business they are at. The children’s drawings may be hung on walls or featured as part of a coloring contest. When the time comes to remove the drawings, consider taking professional scans of each piece of art.

A digital library of children’s drawings gives you a lot of options for the future. Print out an album of the drawings that reflect your business. If you know the child or they are a regular customer, then you could give them a special framed print of the drawing years in the future to increase your personal connection with your contacts and customers.

As you plan out all of your scanning needs, contact us at Indigital Inc. We have professional scanners that can handle all kinds of documents, and we’ll supply you with high-quality digital files of each scan.