To hype up the drama and action in movies, many scenes showcase the threat of online security through the eyes of hackers, criminals, or shady business workers. Ever since the explosion of computers in the 80s and 90s, movies have attempted to showcase computer technology in movie scenes, but cliches were created without any basis in reality.

As you seek professional scanning and cloud services, learn about movie myths and why they don’t apply to your business needs. The myths perpetuate false information and your content is often much safer than you realize, especially when you rely on professional security services.

1. File Transfer Scenes

So many movies and television shows have showcased scenes where a character inserts a USB drive into a computer and waits anxiously as data is transferred from the computer to the drive. First of all, if the files are just documents, they would transfer in a matter of seconds. Second of all, there are multiple layers of security to go through to access the data.

First, the person would need the log into the computer using the correct credentials. Next, the files wouldn’t just be readily available on the desktop. If the files are a part of a cloud, then another access point would be needed. Additionally, each file could be encrypted.

Many computer security programs also allow you to prevent any USB data transfer. With these blocks set in place, a person’s USB drive wouldn’t even read on the hardware. Just one of these security steps will prevent these movie scenes in real life.

2. Offline Documents & Limited Security Networks

If a character is not physically hacking files in a movie, then there’s typically someone connecting to a company’s Wi-Fi and hacking system files through that route. Your business always has the option to keep files offline in a backup server. With an in-house network, the files are not connected to any internet server and cannot be accessed off the property.

Even if someone connects to your company’s internet, they do not gain instant access to the files. The files remain protected and can include multiple layers of security.

3. Shredded Documents

When you use professional scanning services, a security company may offer to shred the documents afterward. In many movies, ripped and shredded documents are miraculously taped back together for characters to retrieve information. One of the first problems with that is the shredding process.

Many professional shredders use cross shredding techniques so the papers are not just single columns. The papers are often shredded with other documents so everything is mixed back together. It would take hours and hours to try and assemble the pieces together and a person would have to get their hands on the content first. Companies will properly dispose of the paper.

You can trust in the shredding process and ensure that sensitive data is not openly available.

4. Deleted Files

In many movies and TV shows, we see characters delete data of their own and data that belongs to others. Thanks to modern technology, the loss of data does not mean you will lose content forever. One of the main ways this has changed is with the invention of the cloud. Your servers can automatically back up data to a cloud in case any problems occur.

You could also have offline storage made available for scanned documents. For example, you could have backup hard drives, DVDs, and other media content to store the files. Just because your main files are gone doesn’t mean the files are lost forever.

Move beyond movie myths and find real results with our services at Indigital, Inc. We have multiple ways to secure your data and have professional scanners to meet all your business needs.