Decentralized Internet Web Browser

Download MetaGate’s decentralized internet Web browser and experience a safer internet where information and ideas are free from censorship. Using MetaGate’s browser, you can help build the decentralized internet and find websites on the centralized internet that have resolved to the Web 3.0. Becoming familiar with MetaGate’s browser is as simple as swapping out .com and other domain endings with hashtag prefixes. For example, when searching for any website, leave off .com, .org. or .net and start your website address with a ‘#’ symbol. Hashtag domains are just one of the many perks of using MetaGate to explore the decentralized internet.

What is a Decentralized Web Browser?

Just as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are gateways to searching the World Wide Web, MetaGate is an efficient browser that allows you to search for information on the decentralized internet. As governments continue to clamp down tightly on website data and increase their efforts to remove, limit, and effectively censor the type of content being created and shared, the decentralized internet gives users a way to circumvent the problem of a growing communist agenda.

MetaGate is an unstoppable decentralized internet Web browser that gives users more freedom when searching the Web and when creating websites. Decentralized browsers remain several steps ahead of agencies that seek to regulate the information being created and shared on the internet. While the media would have you and I believe that their agenda was put in place to protect society from cyber criminals, that’s hardly the case. The fact is, the centralized internet is owned by communist countries that want to spread their ideals across the globe; they seek to achieve their goals through extreme censorship.

Why You Need a Decentralized Internet Browser

A decentralized internet is necessary in order to diminish the power and influence of a communist-owned internet. If you value freedom of speech to any degree, you’ll want to do your part in building the new internet. As more and more decentralized Web browsers emerge, the shift taking place becomes more and more apparent; however, choosing the right browser is essential to a quality search experience on the Web 3.0.

How comfortable are you with your browsing history and transaction data being collected and sold to the highest bidder? Concern over privacy is one of the major reasons why so many internet users are looking to decentralizing as a way to protect their personal information- but there’s much more to the decentralized internet than just security and privacy.

The MetaGate browser is part of a larger ecosystem whose blockchain technology is considered state of the art. Since MetaGate is open source, all developers can embed parts of its code into their browsers and applications. Download the MetaGate decentralized internet Web browser to search the Web 3.0, store cryptocurrencies in a secure wallet, and/or forge MetaHashCoin (#MHC). The MetaHashCoin is used for payment for transactions, data storage, operation of application, and many additional services. Since MetaHash is a self-financing system, MHC received from the sale of services are used for:

  • Project quality improvement
  • Training developers who build their projects on MetaHash
  • Promotional efforts
  • Payment to owners of MHC for consensus support
  • Payment to owners of computers and servers

MetaGate: Doing Our Part in Decentralizing the Web

While the MetaGate decentralized internet Web browser is not the first or the only decentralized browser out there, it’s certainly a top contender for the reasons we’ve previously touched on, and for a few key additional reasons:

  • MetaGate is MetaHash project’s official browser software, designed with mass adoption in mind; developers have a clear vision of the decentralized internet once the mass exodus from the centralized internet begins to take place- and they’re ready for the massive number of users who will emerge.
  • Your MetaGate browser is pre-loaded with Apps, MetaNews, MetaDev Build Your own MetaApps, and so much more.
  • The browser is downloadable to Apple Mac, 64 Bit Windows, 32 Bit Windows, Linux, App Store (IOS), Google Play (Android), and Android OS.

Building the Decentralized Internet

It’s easy and affordable to help build the Web 3.0- buy hashtag domains from Hashtag.Space that can resolve your existing website to the decentralized internet. # domains cost just $24.95 and are rich in features that make them simple to use:

  • URL direct that eliminates the need to purchase decentralized hosting
  • # symbol before your domain name, widely recognized by business owners as the easiest way to market products and services
  • Capitalization-specific hashtag domains to make them your own

Tying Them All Together

MetaGate without MHC and Hashtag.Space features reduces the project to the same level as any one of the other decentralized browsers available today. What makes MetaGate’s browser truly unique is that, even in the project’s infancy, it’s developers have had a clear vision of what the future would hold for decentralization of the internet- and have designed and created a platform able to handle what is certain to be of enormous size and scope.

Download the MetaGate decentralized internet Web browser today to explore its features and perks; invest in the project’s MetaHashCoin, and start forging using your home computer or laptop. All of the information you’ll need to get started can be found on; support from Metahash is always just a click or an email away. As we build the new decentralized internet together, we’re taking back our freedom, our privacy, and our safety on the Web- and that’s only the beginning.

As more of us make the move to the decentralized internet, we’re sending a message to ICANN that we’re not going to take part in the internet they’re creating; we want more, we deserve better, and we’re not going to stop until we’ve made the internet a safe place to do business, communicate, and share information. The centralized internet is destined to crash and burn, but there’s tremendous hope for the decentralized internet. Contact Hashtag.Spaces’s CEO, Robert Bibb at 1.304.933.1944, to find out more about the MetaGate browser and how it can improve your internet experience.